Athletic Strength and Conditioning Services

* Note: During the summer months each year, Matt Nichol runs specific off-season training programs and camps for professional and elite amateur athletes. Therefore, the services listed above are available from September – April, inclusive.

Matt Nichol Feature/Service Descriptions
Musculoskeletal Functional Assessment (MFA): A documented and thorough musculoskeletal functional assessment is completed to gain a precise understanding of the status of each athlete’s condition at the beginning of the program. Each assessment involves the athlete completing a number of movements and drills that are carefully observed and measured. This assessment provides the starting criteria to measure improvement.

Goal Setting: Goal setting is an essential step in any strength and conditioning improvement program. It is a collaborative process between the athlete and coach that selects performance targets to guide the personalized program design and the combined efforts of the coach and athlete.

Personalized Performance Enhancement Program: Based on dialogue with each athlete, their Musculoskeletal Functional Assessment, Goal Setting and all other observations, a personalized training program is created. The Personalized Performance Enhancement Program along with coaching guidance and the athlete’s dedicated effort is designed to optimize the athlete’s strength and conditioning.