Goal Setting: Focus On The Process, Nichol’s Five Cents, January 2013


Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe another year has come and gone. At this time of the year I always like to spend some quiet time reflecting on the year that past and planning for the year ahead. What were your goals and expectations for 2012? Did you achieve them?

If so....Congratulations!....but don't be complacent! What new challenges are you preparing to conquer this year?
If not...WHY NOT?

This year, make a commitment to yourself. Stop making excuses for past failures and start taking some responsibility for your life!

In this episode of "Nichols Five Cents" we will be discussing some effective strategies to set and achieve your health and performance goals for 2013

I wish you all a Healthy and Happy New Year!

Yours in strength,
Matt Nichol
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Paragenix Systems Inc.

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