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"Matt Nichol has the knowledge, the experience and the dedication not just to train, but to TEACH athletes how to reach way past their current level and to achieve their dreams of performance. I worked with Matt for 8 years and he helped me to achieve my dreams of performance. Thanks Matt!"


Matt Nichol is a veteran performance coach and the co-founder of Biosteel Sports Nutrition. He has been working with professional and elite amateur athletes for more than 20 years. 
For 7 years he was the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sports Nutritionist for the Toronto Maple Leafs. He has consulted for teams in the NHL, NFL, NBA, CFL, KHL as well as for the Russian Olympic Committee. 
He currently runs a private consulting business in Toronto, Canada helping a wide range of elite athletes and business leaders achieve new levels of health and personal success. 
Matt received his Concurrent Education degree (Kinesiology/History) from McGill University and his Masters of Kinesiology and Masters in Coaching Theory from York University.
Matt was a member of the McGill Redmen and York Yeomen football teams and the McGill University Track and Field Team. He was recognized as a CIS Football All-Star.
  • Matt was the first NCCP Level IV/V Strength and Conditioning Coach recognized by the Coaching Association of Canada.

  • In 2010, he served as strength and conditioning consultant to the Russian Ice Hockey Foundation.

  • In 2007, guest coach with the San Francisco 49ers strength & conditioning staff.

  • In 2004, he was Team Canada’s Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the World Cup of Hockey 2004 Gold Medalists.

  • From 2002 – 2009, he served as the Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Nutritionist for the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club.

  • Matt received his Concurrent Education degree (Kinesiology/History) from McGill University and his Masters of Kinesiology & Masters in Coaching Theory from York University. A student-athlete, Matt was a member of the McGill Redmen and York Yeomen football teams and the McGill University Track and Field Team. He was recognized as a CIS Football All-Star.

Prior to his tenure with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Matt served as the apprentice to one of the world’s foremost experts on applied biochemistry and ergogenic aids for sports. During this time, he learned the ins and outs of the sports supplement industry, and traveled the world researching the highest quality raw materials sources and the best nutritional supplement protocols.



In my career, I have had the pleasure of helping many pro-athletes overcome challenges and be at their best.

Each athlete has specific strengths and weaknesses, and even more importantly, different people respond to various types or styles of exercises differently. Some athletes have aversions to certain types of exercises or conversely are highly motivated by other ones. There is a science and an art to customizing strength and conditioning programs to meet each client’s unique set of needs.

Everything that goes on in my gym is a means to an end! We start with the performance goals in mind; assess what you are able to do; develop a custom performance enhancement plan; work hard, smart and safely towards achievement; contend with challenges along the way; and, measure results.


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  • Do you need to be at your quickest to excel in your sport?

  • Will more explosive power improve your athletic performance?

  • Do you need maximum agility to get to a new level of performance?

  • Do you use rest and nutrition as the weapons of success?

Matt has travelled the world speaking in front of prestigious audiences, given talks in universities. (ADD TEXT HERE FRAN)

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"I emphasize to my clients the importance of being well-rounded athletes. Basic athleticism, first and foremost, is being able to move in multiple directions, being strong, powerful, fast and fit. These characteristics set the foundation for continuous athletic improvement, sustained peak performance and injury prevention in any sport!"




Michael Carneiro

Michael is no stranger to success or being a part of championship winning teams, which is evident in his many career highlights which include roles as a Head Trainer for the St. Michael’s Buzzer Jr A Hockey Club and again during the inaugural Central Canada Cup All Star Tournament in 2011. Michael has also been called upon to play a very important role as part of the medical staff for the 2015 and 2017 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships.


Dante Martella

Dante has worked with Matt Nichol and the Paragenix Team since 2013. Driven by a fascination with human performance, he is always eager to learn about and apply different philosophies and techniques in both the training and injury rehabilitation settings, while bringing a consistent passion in helping clients reach their personal and performance goals.


Mary Lanlancette

Mary’s aim is to assess and treat the body using a variety of manual therapy techniques. She focuses her attention on how the body is interconnected and works together rather than just focusing on where the pain may be felt. This approach allows her to create an environment that removes barriers from the body, allowing it to heal.


Melissa Givelos

As a chiropractor, A.R.T. and medical acupuncture provider, Dr. Givelos has treated various athletes at a varsity and a professional level. She uses an integrated approach with the goal of increasing function and reducing pain of her patients, who may need help with their sport or general activities of daily living.


Dr. Michael Prebeg

Dr. Mike Prebeg is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, he specializes in the treatment of sports injuries through the combination of Active Release and Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, and joint manipulation. He has helped athletes of all levels with performance enhancement, career longevity and injury recovery.

biosteel-logoMatt is a Founding Partner and Chief Formulator at BioSteel Sports Supplements Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of nutritional sports supplements. Matt’s goal is to provide drug free professional athletes and health conscious consumers with the healthiest, safest, and highest quality nutritional sports supplements.

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"Matt Nichol is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most successful Strength and Conditioning coaches in the world"



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