How Matt Nichol became hockey’s best trainer

Jeff Simmons, SportsNet, August 29, 2014 Wayne Simmonds flies up the wing with the puck. He stops on a dime, cuts and fires the puck past a stationary defender. Ten other NHLers just watch in awe. They’re going through the grind of a two-hour on-ice session, but can’t help but notice Simmonds. Behin...


What a Year! Nichols’ Five Cents February 2014

I am happy to be back in the swing of things and starting things off on the right foot with my first newsletter of 2014. So much has happened since my last newsletter that I hardly know where to begin. As you know my business is CRAZY busy in the summer months with my off-season programs and at that...


Nichol’s Five Cents Fall 2013

I'm Back! I hope that all of you had a fantastic summer. I am excited to get back into writing my newsletter and doing my podcasts. I actually miss it when I don't write to you monthly...but if you saw a typical work day for me in the summertime I think you would forgive me. My job is a little hecti...