Multi-Vitamins & Multi-Minerals


I recommend that all of my athletes take nutritional supplements. While each athlete is unique and each has unique needs for their own biochemistry and for their athletic needs/goals, there are some supplements that I recommend universally. It would be safe to say that all of my athletes are recommended to take:

  • a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement
  • an omega-3 fatty acid supplement (fish oil)
  • Biosteel HPSD

I am constantly questioned by people regarding my stance on the use of nutritional supplements. There are people who would argue that we should be able to obtain all of the nutrition that we need from simply eating real food. I agree that it is theoretically possible to obtain the right balance of nutrients in whole properly grown foods however, I am a realist!

I have been working with professional athletes for 13 years. Most of the athletes that I meet don't eat well, don't sleep well and are under immense amounts of stress; both the physical stress of training and competing and the mental/emotional stress involved in a highly competitive workplace.

As long as we continue to grow plants on depleted soils, pick them before they're ripe, over-process them, and then ship them thousands of miles for sale, we lose most of the minerals and vitamins. When the animals we eat are raised in unnatural and squalid conditions and fed these same depleted foods their chemical makeup changes drastically; and don't even get me started on over-processed or "fast" foods. Athletes need a strong immune system. Unless you eat exclusively organic foods that are correct for your metabolic type and completely avoid refined, dead, and/or processed foods, your immune system is likely depleted.

Oh, I almost forgot, even if you do eat a completely organic diet that is correct for your metabolic type, being over-stressed and/or not sleeping properly can alter the chemistry of your gut and impair digestion to the point where you cannot absorb all of the vitamins and minerals you are ingesting.

So if you are involved in regular exercise or definitely if you are actually training for a sport, I strongly believe your body will be better off with the following:

  • daily multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement.
  • daily omega-3 fatty acid supplement
  • Biosteel HPSD

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