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Without the knowledge and expertise of Matt Nichol as my personal coach, I would not have had the opportunity to win a Grey Cup championship. His ability to adjust to my needs as an athlete allowed me to get and stay healthy and to finally achieve my potential. I had my healthiest and most productive seasons after working with Matt. His professional attitude and passion for his clients contributed to my development as an athlete and as an individual. You will definitely find yourself "Preaching the word of Matt" (as I like to put it) once he has passed on his knowledge to you. His programs are innovative, progressive and eventually give the client a better understanding of their body and what it means to be healthy. Thanks, Matt! I could not have done it without you!

Andre Talbot

Matt Nichol has the knowledge, the experience and the dedication not just to train, but to TEACH athletes how to reach way past their current level and to achieve their dreams of performance.

Mats Sundin11-time NHL All Star

Matt Nichol has been an invaluable resource for me, not only by providing in-season workouts, but also providing insight into nutrition and supplementation to maximize my health throughout the season. When I met Matt I was immediately impressed by his vast knowledge of not only strength and conditioning, but also nutrition, rehabilitation techniques, and overall health matters. He has a tremendous understanding of the rigors and demands of an NHL season. He would be a huge asset to anyone looking to improve their performance, whether it’s through individualized workouts, specific nutrition advice or a comprehensive rehab program. I believe that through Matt’s guidance, he can help any athlete maximize their potential. Matt will always be a trusted resource throughout my career and beyond.

Lee StempniakNHL Veteran

I am incredibly fortunate to have met Matt Nichol. Until I started working with Matt I was never able to secure a permanent roster spot. I struggled with numerous injuries and surgeries, moved through four different NHL organizations and was feeling like my career was in jeopardy. I worked with Matt Nichol for 11 years. With Matt’s inspiring leadership, expertise in strength and conditioning and nutrition, he empowered me to go on and play over 1,000 games in the NHL. I can say with 100% confidence that Matt Nichol was the greatest influence on my professional hockey career!

Steve StaiosPresident and GM Hamilton Bulldogs

Matt, you helped me to do something that nobody else believed was possible….You gave me my career back!

Ray EmeryNHL Stanley Cup Champion

Not only is Matt the best trainer with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure of working, but he is an amazing person who truly cares about his clients! He does not believe in trying to fit a square peg in a round hole – what works for one person may not work for another. And with me, a generic approach would not have worked, so I’m lucky to have found him! I didn’t actually start lifting weights until I joined the bobsleigh team in September ’05, and the following year I started to struggle with some nagging injuries. Fortunately, it was then that I was introduced to Matt and we started working together between my various tours. My primary goal at that time was rehab, as it continued to be as I broke my shoulder in a rugby game the following spring. However, I needed to continue to train within the context of two very physically-demanding sports, and traditional rehabilitation would not have cut it. I needed to be more than simply “pain-free”. I needed to be able to push a 400-lbs bobsleigh and tackle the biggest girl on the rugby field without hesitation. I needed to go from 6 seconds of power in bobsleigh to 80 minutes of endurance in rugby. Besides formulating an exciting, ever-changing, challenging, sport-specific training program for me, I was blown away by Matt’s talent at modifying exercises for my injuries to achieve the same purpose, without compromising the intensity required for my sports! Matt has been a critical part of my successful return to World Cup bobsleigh and will continue to help me improve as an elite athlete. He is an amazing trainer and a genuine person, and I consider myself very lucky to have worked with him.

Heather MoyseTwo Time Olympic Gold Medalist (Bobsled), First Canadian Female, Second Canadian overall to be inducted into the World Rugby Hall of Fame

I met Matt after having surgery for a Sports Hernia. I was scared to death about my recovery, I thought to myself, will I be able to come back? Will I ever be the same player again? Matt quickly alleviated my fears because of his extensive rehab knowledge. His rehab techniques were on the “cutting edge” and not only did I come back…I came back stronger than ever! I highly recommend Matt to anyone who is looking to get better – whether it's rehabbing an injury or improving performance. Matt will have the best and most cutting edge answers for you and your needs. Do you want the best? You got the best in Matt Nichol!

Sandro DeAngelisCalgary Stampeders, 2008 CFL All-Star, 2008 Grey Cup Champion, 2008 Most Outstanding Canadian in the Grey Cup

Within three weeks of starting training with Matt, I was hitting new personal bests in the gym and saw my new strength translating into speed whether I was doing distance work or intervals in my racing chair.

Jeff AdamsCanadian Paralympian, Six-time world champion in wheelchair sports

Matt is very knowledgeable and uses many different techniques to reach the goals that are set by both trainer and athlete/client. Training with Matt was hard work but it was a lot of fun too. There was lots of sweat and pain but there was always laughter in the gym and out on the track and those laughs were what kept me going on the hard days! He showed me that I can do just about anything that I put my mind to, helping me to set goals that were attainable and then setting new ones once the first was accomplished. Matt is a hard worker, a great trainer and always has his client’s best interests in mind and I thank him for helping me reach my goals in his programs and in my everyday life.

Michelle ConwayCanadian Olympian, NCAA Division 1 Gymnast (UCLA, IOWA)

I've been training with Matt since I was in Junior and it’s been a true privilege to train here. Matt and his staff make it fun to come to the gym every day and make it feel like a true family environment.

Tom WilsonNHL Stanley Cup Champion Forward

Matty cares about each individual here and takes the time to show each person that. He has taught me that if I put the work in now and trust the process, success will come. He showed me how to be confident.

Jordan BinningtonNHL Stanley Cup Champion Goalie

I’ve learned so much since I’ve been here. It’s a great training environment and it comes from the big man himself settin’ the tone every single day. Matt and his team have helped to solve so many issues with my body. Last season was my healthiest.

Erik GudbransonNHL Defenseman

I remember when I first came to the gym to work out. I had heard all about this guy Matt Nichol that runs this great organization and then you show up and find out you're working out of this little back storage closet… but… IT WORKS! And it’s great to be a part of. It’s such a refreshing thing in the summer to not only grow in the gym and on the ice but also mentally.

Darnell Nurse

It's been six summers for me. I didn't know what to expect walking into this arena. Pretty old and run down but walking into this gym I knew right away it was a place for me! It's not about the bells and whistles it's about the people that are here and the work ethic you bring every single day. Thank you for what you've done for me on and off the ice. You've made me a better athlete a better hockey player but mostly a better person.

Michael Del Zotto

Matt Nichol is undoubtedly one of the greatest strength and conditioning coaches in the world. His ability to help team sport athletes perform at the top of their game while maximizing their health is truly world-class.

Paul ChekFounder, CHEK Institute

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