Our Training System

In my career, I have had the pleasure of helping many pro-athletes overcome challenges and be at their best.


Each pro athlete has specific strengths and weaknesses, and even more importantly, different people respond to various types or styles of exercises differently. Some athletes have aversions to certain types of exercises or conversely are highly motivated by other ones. There is a science and an art to customizing strength and conditioning programs to meet each client’s unique set of needs.


Everything that goes on in my gym is a means to an end! We start with the performance goals in mind; assess what you are able to do; develop a custom performance enhancement plan; work hard, smart and safely towards achievement; contend with challenges along the way; and, measure results.

  • Will more explosive power improve your athletic performance?

  • Do you need to be at your quickest to excel in your sport?

  • Do you need maximum agility to get to a new level of performance?

  • Do you use rest and nutrition as the weapons of success?

If you are an aspiring young elite athlete or his/her parent, who wants THE BEST, a Paragenix program designed and managed by Matt Nichol is for you!


The elite amateur program is designed to give “up and coming” young athletes access to the same expertise and training program systems/services that Matt’s professional clients have benefitted from for years.


This is NOT like a camp and there is NO BABYSITTING allowed. This program is for athletes that are looking to make a serious commitment to a holistic program and to their sports future.


We don’t offer by the session, by the week or even by the month training. Athletes are enrolled in a comprehensive training program.


All aspects of their preparation are addressed, including:

  • Speed and Agility
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Nutrition Counselling and Planning
  • Lifestyle Coaching


Admittance to the program is limited and any interested athletes, especially those who were not referred by an existing client, must fill-out this application form. As part of the acceptance process, an interview may be required.

Matt answers five important questions about working with elite athletes:

  • What separates the great athletes?

  • What’s the hardest habit to ingrain your athletes?

  • What would these athletes rather avoid?

  • What training techniques are on the cutting edge?

  • What can weekend warriors learn from the training regimes of NHL players?

Traditional physiotherapy and rehabilitation models are designed to help patients to achieve “pain-free daily living”. While this is indeed important, it is not sufficient for many people.


For more than 15 years, Matt Nichol has been assisting professional and elite amateur athletes to be able to return to play from a wide variety of injuries, including some that were deemed “catastrophic” and “impossible”. For professional athletes it is not good enough to be able to sit, stand and walk pain free. They need to be able to PERFORM – to sprint, jump, skate and shoot, hit and to be hit.


Some sports injuries are accidental and cannot be avoided. This is particularly true in the case of contact or collision sports. Many injuries, however, are avoidable and are often related to some pre-existing dysfunction or imbalance in the kinetic chain. Often times, injuries expose these imbalances and force athletes to re-evaluate their training methods and their lifestyle habits.


You don’t need to be a professional or Olympic athlete to make use of this rehab service. You simply need to be someone who values their health and well-being and is not satisfied with average results and average performance. Whatever your health and fitness goals are, Matt Nichol and the Paragenix Team can assist you in not only returning to participation, but in improving your performance.

Read about one of Matt’s most successful rehab cases. It was the first of its kind. Ray Emery turns career-threatening injury into career-defining opportunity with Chicago Blackhawks

Ray Emery's Story

“My philosophy on rehabilitation is that every individual is unique and so is every injury. I don’t use a cookie-cutter approach to designing rehab programs. I apply a holistic approach to each rehab case. All aspects of training, nutrition and lifestyle are addressed to maximize the speed and quality of results. It is not uncommon in my practice to have clients return to their sports being able to exceed their previous levels of performance after major injuries. My goal is not just to get you back; my goal is to make you better!”

Off-Season Strength and Conditioning Programs

Professional and Elite Amateur Hockey Players

Each program participant is allotted training time in Matt Nichol’s gym for instructional coaching, feedback and modifications to the athletes Personalized Performance Enhancement Program. Working with each athlete’s specific circumstances, a written Nutrition Plan is prepared to work in conjunction with the Personalized Performance Enhancement Program. For the high performance athlete, diet and nutrition are integral to peak performance.

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